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Self-Defense for Children

No one sits on the bench in Martial arts!

Empower your Children at ISA!


      Our children's program provides a solid foundation for children. Some of the benefits they will receive are; An increase in Self Confidence and Self Respect, More Self Discipline, Improved Concentration, A Greater Respect for Themselves & Others, Improved Academic Performance and Valuable Self Defense Skills. All of our children's classes are professionally instructed by our certified Black Belts. Ages 4 and above welcome so begin your child's quest today in learning:

  • Respect for others and self

  • Individual sport

  • setting and accomplishing realistic goals

  • Exercise

  • Self control

  • How to deal with bullies

  • How to deal with peer pressure

  • Boost self worth and discipline

      Arm your child with Character and...   Give your child a Future.

Our K.I.D.S. Defense program for children and young adults focuses on three areas of growth:

  1. Physical: Training to provide your child with the skills to be able to defend or escape from dangerous situations. Exercises and drills to develop confidence, coordination and fitness. Individually attainable physical goals to encourage your child to stand tall and proud.

  2. Mental: “Think First” is a foundation of our program.  Children learn that they must always think of the consequences of their actions. Character Counts! Education to re-enforce the "Bushido Code" that is the major part of the martial arts. Our goal is to create leaders out of our students who will do the right thing the first time.

  3. Emotional: Children develop greater self-confidence, as they realize that they can excel. We work closely with students to make sure that everyone takes pride in their training and in life. Our instructors all have the goal to abolish the modern day excuses for lack of accountability, including ADD and ADHD.


Kid's Self-Defense Training

        More than ever, children need to have opportunities to be active; our unique martial-training not only holds their interest, but also increases their strength, endurance and flexibility. They'll learn to defend against common grabs, holds, and strikes, and they'll have fun doing it!
        Beyond the self-defense and physical fitness components, parents notice a positive shift in their child's attitude.  Our training program improves your child's overall motor skills such as agility, coordination and balance. As these skills improve, so do your child's confidence, focus and self-esteem. Our self-defense training won't make your children more prone to violence - it'll give them the confidence to avoid aggression in themselves and others. Children will be taught how to defend themselves against bullies, Kidnappers and all who wish to cause them harm both physically and mentally. They will also be taught who to be aware to avoid dangerous situations.


Empower your Children!

Give them the tools to succeed in life.

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Self-Defense and Bully Prevention!


      We offer special classes in self-defense clinics for children and teens that teach prevention and the physical means of self-defense that anyone can perform. We strive to provide effective physical self-defense techniques, adapted to suit particular individual needs, and practical strategies on how to diminish vulnerability to violence. This clinic will have a two-part focus on self-defense. First, it will discuss "personal safety" when at school and in dealing with kids of a similar age, including how to recognize and stop bullying. The second part will teach our kids how to stay safe when faced with more serious threats (strangers, staying safe in public places and in your neighborhood).

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