Military and Law Enforcement

Self-Defense Training

   For over 20 years we have been preparing, training police, corrections, security, military, and first-responder professionals on how to respond to real life extreme encounters with violence.

   ISA offers structured training in self-defense, personal security and fighting tactics for businesses, law enforcement organizations, security professionals and private citizens. ISA self-defense and security seminars can help you and your coworkers or employees learn to be more aware of your environment and, should the need arise, how to defend yourself appropriately.

   Self-defense training can be organized as a single seminar or series of seminars or as an ongoing training program (we work with individuals and groups of all sizes).

Seminars Include:

  • Environmental Awareness and Danger Signals

  • How to Stay Calm

  • Basic to Advanced Self-Defense Tactics

  • Using Available Weapons for Self-Defense

  • Arresting and restraining tactics

   Because of the nature and intensity of this training, information is restricted. For more information or to schedule training, please fill out the form below or call 208-440-9291.





























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