Sōjutsu (槍術, sometimes incorrectly read as yarijutsu) is the art of fighting with the Japanese spear, yari (槍).
     Sojutsu is not only one the oldest weapon in Nito Shin So Ryu but has had a long and rich tradition in the art of war itself. The Japanese spear is called a Yari, and training in the art is called Sojutsu. Sojutsu is a complete martial art on its own, but, like all weapons of Nito Shin So Ryu, will compliment any other form of Bujutsu training. This is due to the fact it reinforces timing and distancing, increases strength and endurance, helps develop dexterity, and teaches body control. While the yari is deceptively simple in design, learning to wield it properly can take several years. Mastering the yari can take a life time.  Sojutsu training includes techniques to teach every aspect of spear combat. Kata (forms) are the initial way of learning the movements required for attack and defense. A sojutsuka must practice solo Kihon, solo kata, partnered kata, and also Randori in order to even begin to understand the power wielded from this ancient weapon. Drills to increase knowledge of footwork, distancing, timing, strength and stamina are also essential to. Spear retention and disarm techniques complete the system.

"To master one's circle is to master one's self.  To enlarge the circle you master, lengthen the weapon that you wield. Whether mental, physical, or spiritual a weapon is only an extension of who wields it."

Shihan Shepard (2004)

"Without knowledge of Learning, one will ultimately have no military victories.”

"One should not be envious of someone who has prospered by unjust deeds. Nor should he disdain someone who has fallen while adhering to the path of righteousness. "

Imagawa Sadayo (1325-1420)