Kamajutsu (鎌術) - Traditionally, Kama was developed with other farming implements for self-defense. In Japan, it became an important weapon due to King Shoshin of Okinawa outlawing the ownership of bladed weapons. Even though Kama had a blade, these were not considered weapons, but rather farming tools so the Okinawan people converted traditional sickles into weapons of self-defense and trained in secret. In Japan there are versions like naigama (sickle on a 2 m-long stick), sōgama (sickle on the floor with two cutting edges) or jingama (weapon of ashigaru).

     Its basic form is the same in Japan and Okinawa. The Kama is easy or used in pairs (nichōgama). On Okinawa known versions with chain and weight (kusarigama) or a sickle on the floor (rokushakugama).

     The Bujutsu systems of Kama are believed to be up to 350 years old.



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