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         Sanjuriu (三重流) - or three level school - is the scroll of knowledge which describes the body of information contained in the martial art.
The first level of Sanjuriu is the study of defensive and offensive swordsmanship along with other weapons systems. They are known collectively within Sanjuriu as the techniques of NITO SHIN SO RYU.
         The second level is the study of Aikijutsu (jujitsu) which forms the basic framework of body movements, techniques of control, and personal self-defense techniques with compliment the weapons systems of Sanjuriu.
The third level of Sanjuriu is the attainment of HEIHO, or the complete development of the soldier.

        The International Association of Sanjuriu is a complete and comprehensive martial arts training center. The techniques of Sanjuriu are the collective knowledge of martial arts handed down from the age of the armies to the present day. Sanjuriu is one of the most complete KAKUTO BUGEI, or military arts system taught in the world today.

         Inside of the Sanjuriu system are a series of building blocks that are used to create the ultimate soldier. Each individual block needing the other for stability yet each unique within itself.


  • Aikijutsu/Jujitsu-                                                                                       "Unarmed combat systems of the Samurai" The art of using an opponent’s aggression against himself.

  • Karatejutsu-                                                                                                    "The art of the empty hand" Pressure point striking and nerve manipulation designed to paralyze any attack meant to harm.

  • Bujutsu-                                                                                                        offers the opportunity of acquiring all the skills and combative techniques kills and techniques of offensive and defensive swordsmanship as well as other weapons. , but as one complete method. By awakening the individual’s conscientious application and physical and mental training, the techniques the student can hope to accumulate such techniques that were only ever attributed to the Samurai.

  • Fight Like a Chick-                                                                             Extraordinary Self-Defense for Women.   This self-defense Course is entirely different from most self-defense classes because it was created specifically for a woman.

  • Senior Self-Defense-                                                                           Workshops, seminars, and classes specifically for seniors called S.D.S. or Senior Defense System

  • K.I.D.S. Defense-                                                                                             Extraordinary Self-Defense for Children   Special classes in self-defense and bully prevention classes and clinics for kids and teens.

  • ISA Defense Classes-                                                                                         Special classes and seminars for military and law enforcement self-defense training