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         Aikijutsu or jujitsu is an unarmed combat art derived from the movements and techniques of Japanese swordsmanship.  Aikijutsu is the circular dimension of the of the knowledge of sanjuriu. This is said because the subtle yet complex motion in this art is almost entirely circular. This allows a practitioner the free flowing of techniques that are quick, precise and devastating to an oncoming attack. A aikidoka can, even in early stages of training blend with an opponent's movement and energy, controlling their movements all the way down to their breathing while giving almost no opening for counters. In true aiki, one never fights strength and aggression with the same, but rather relies on more refined techniques and methods, such as taisabaki (body movement), kansetsuwaza (joint locks), kuzushiwaza (off balancing methods), nagewaza (throws), osaewaza (controlling techniques), kyusho  jutsu (vital point attacks) and of course, aiki (blending of movement and energy)  to allow an opponents strength to reach its peak before he or she is defeated. Aikijutsu ( Juijitsu) is one of the most Lethal yet peaceful of the martial arts. Strikingly beautiful, it appears almost magical. A well executed technique will seem almost effortless. And because of the no resistance principle, the technique is effortless to a well trained Aikidoka.

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                  Aikijutsu survived mainly in secret until the nineteenth century, adding to its legend as a devastating fighting system. It was passed down from General to Soldier for many generations of warfare evolution to control and defeat the new threat of the time, armored soldiers. Punches, kicks and traditional military striking methods needed a supplement to defeat a fully armored soldier. The evolution 4500 plus  of years of training passed down from generation to generation with the power to create masters of training known as Heiho.

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        Aikijutsu is very difficult to master and for good reason. A practitioner will Spend a life time trying to master the movement and breathing so they become not only a master of their training but of themselves. No matter how many years you train you will learn something new and wonderful in each time you practice.  Through blood, sweat and tears and breathe after breathe one will train with the desire, to master his or her circle of influence. There is no plateau ,there are no levels anymore only the circle. Now about the ukemi (being thrown)—don’t think of it as "falling", because it is much, much more than that besides no one likes to fall. Ukemi is an art within itself. For one to master this art he or she must know what an attack at full force feels like, this is where the Uki is the most critical part of training. An Uki must; give all the energy of a real attack , be able to flow with the tori, as well as protect him  or herself from harm, and you will receive formal instruction in how to go about it prior to working with other students.

picture 026.png Learning to Fall


 Beginners are taught how to fall safely, this is known as Ukemi. As Aikijutsu involves being thrown as well as throwing techniques it is essential to know how to fall and land safely from the front, back and both sides. At every session Break falls are practiced and are carried out as an important part of the warm up .

Img59.gif Learning to Throw

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There are hundreds techniques used to throw an opponent, to master them all takes many years to accomplish in fact most spend their lifetime becoming a master of training. All Aikidoka are taught throws according to the set Sanjuriu syllabus. The same approach is used when teaching holding techniques and all other aspects of Aikijutsu .

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